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Corona was making false reports with 1400 rupees, 2 people in custody

With the high fees charged for the corona investigation in Sector-30, the business of preparing and giving reports to the people was going on. On Saturday evening, the joint teams of the Health Department and CM Flying busted a false report here. The complaint of the case was reported to the Sector-40 Police Station. Police have detained 2 people.

Lab was running without permission
It is alleged that the lab was run here without permission and license. During the investigation, it is learned that the report was prepared for those who are in a hurry to go abroad. It is now being ascertained that the wrong report has been prepared.

Used to give wrong report with Rs 1400
CM Flying was informed that the corona investigation report was being made wrongly in a lab located in Saini Kheda. The raids were conducted in collaboration with the health department officials. During this time, it was found that reports were being given by people taking Rs 1400. The report was prepared and was given in a couple of hours. According to the accused, foreigners need a negative report from Corona. These positive patients have given negative reports by taking Rs 1400.


2 accused taken into custody
CM Flying has taken the record of the lab and taken 2 of the accused into custody. Who have been identified as Anirban Rai and Pariman Rai. Drug controller Amandeep said that information has been given to the police. The lab was being run wrongly and did not even have the authority to investigate.



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