Corona virus returning stronger in Gujarat? Highest 1,515 new cases in a day

The deadly virus that Gujarat was trying to recover from the outbreak of Corona is expected to return there rapidly. The total number of infected people has risen to 1,95,917 after Gujarat reported the highest number of new cases of corona virus on Saturday in one day. State Health Department has given this information.

Earlier, on September 25, the state had the highest number of 1,442 cases in a single day. The health department said that due to the death of 9 more patients on Saturday from Kovid-19, the number of deaths has increased to 3,846. On Saturday, 1,271 people who were cured of the disease have been discharged from hospitals.

So far, the number of healthy people in the state has reached 1,78,786. According to the release, samples of 71,71,445 people have been investigated so far in the state. Kovid-19 has killed five patients in Ahmedabad on Saturday, two in Surat, one each in Rajkot and Gir Somnath districts. Currently, 13,285 patients are being treated in the state.


Complete curfew in Ahmedabad, school-college will not open from November 23
Gujarat government has decided to impose complete curfew in Ahmedabad from Friday night to Monday morning. Under this, there will be a complete curfew in Ahmedabad from 9 pm to 23 November 20 night. During this time only shops selling milk and medicines will be allowed to remain open. After this, the night curfew will continue from 9 am to 6 am daily from Tuesday until the corona infection is under control. On the other hand, due to Corona epidemic, the plan to reopen school-colleges in Gujarat has been withdrawn from 23 November.

(With agency inputs)



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