Corona Vaccine Update: How will the global corona crisis be solved without a vaccine?

Corona vaccine (Photo credits: PTI)

Beijing, May 5: Corona Epidemic is causing havoc in many countries of the world. However, some countries have succeeded in controlling this crisis to a great extent with the help of strict measures and vaccination. As the WHO also says, one needs to be cautious to end the threat of the virus. With this, the work of applying the vaccine will also have to be expedited. However, there are also countries like this, either there are not enough vaccines available or the citizens are not too keen on getting the vaccine. If we mention China in this context, then before taking the vaccine, it took many strict steps. As a result, the Covid-19 virus has been almost controlled in China. With this, China did not lax even after vaccine production. China not only vaccinated the citizens of its country, but also helped other countries.

It is said that about 28 crore doses have been given to people in China so far. In addition, Chinese vaccines are playing a very important role in the fight against the virus in various countries. Especially for those countries which are lacking in resources, the Cyanovac and Sinopharm vaccine prepared by China cannot be said to be any less than a living. At a time when India and other countries are troubled by the new wave of corona epidemic, the need for global cooperation has increased, because the virus neither recognizes the border of any country nor caste or religion. Competent countries need to come forward in the hour of this crisis. However, we have seen that western countries like America, Australia and Canada are hoarding a lot of vaccine. But they are not doing anything to help the needy countries. Also read: 3 lakh 82 thousand 315 new cases of COVID in the country in 24 hours, 3780 people lost their lives

If these big and developed countries give a helping hand to the countries that are suffering from the epidemic, then the situation can change. Although these countries have started providing assistance in the midst of the worsening epidemic in India, but they are behind in providing vaccine. If you give the example of America, after extensive international pressure, it has agreed to lift the ban from the raw material for making the vaccine. But it has an additional deposit of millions of doses, which the United States is not agreeing to give to India or other countries. Obviously, the role of vaccination in controlling the epidemic completely cannot be underestimated. However, this does not seem possible without international cooperation, because even if the virus remains alive in any one country, the whole world will not be able to sleep peacefully. In such a situation, it would be good that developed countries come forward to help.

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