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Corona vaccin: India Biotech’s Covxin Phase III trial started, Haryana Health Minister injected vaccine

The third trial of Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin for Corona virus has started. In the third phase of the trial, Haryana Home and Health Minister Anil Vij was also vaccinated. He became a volunteer himself for this vaccine trial. He was administered the vaccine under the protection of the doctors of Rohtak PGI. During the third phase, 25800 people are to be tried.

The third phase of Covaxin trial began in Rohtak, Haryana on Friday. State Home Minister Anil Vij has administered the first vaccine. Vaccine trials are to be conducted on a total of 25 thousand 800 people in the country. The vice-chancellor of PGI Rohtak had said that the third phase of the Kovaxin trial began on Friday. The first 200 Volunteers have been dosed.

Anil Vij is 67 years old
As part of the Phase III trial of the potential vaccine Kovacin for Kovid-19, Haryana Health Minister Anil Vij has voluntarily offered to have it. The 67-year-old senior BJP leader was vaccinated at the Civil Hospital in Ambala Cantonment as a test.


Vaccine given in the civil hospital
This vaccine is being developed indigenously. Vij tweeted on Thursday, ‘I will be vaccinated at 11 am tomorrow under the supervision of a team of doctors and health department of PGI Rohtak testing the corona virus vaccine’ Covaxine ‘which is a product of Bharat Biotech. .

Home minister himself gave information
Anil Vij is an MLA from Ambala Cantonment. He had said on Wednesday that the third phase of covaccine will be tested from November 20 in Haryana. He said he is ready to be the first to be vaccinated under trial.



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