Corona Update: The number of Kovid-19 cases in the world crosses 13.22 crore

Corona’s havoc (Photo Credits: PTI)

Washington, April 7: The number of COVID-19 (COVID-19) cases in the world has exceeded 13.22 crores. At the same time, the death toll has crossed 28.7 lakhs. According to the latest data released by Johns Hopkins University’s Center for System Science and Engineering (Csse), the number of cases in the world now stands at 13,22,93,566 and the number of deaths is 28,71,642. At the same time, America is still facing the worst outbreak of Coronavirus epidemic in the world. So far, the highest number of 3,08,45,915 cases and 5,56,509 deaths have been reported here. Brazil with 1,31,00,580 cases and 3,36,947 deaths is at the second place.

Countries in which more than 2 million cases of coronavirus have been reported include India (1,26,86,049), France (49,02,025), Russia (45,46,307), UK (43,79,033), Italy (35,86,707) ), Turkey (35,79,185), Spain (33,17,948), Germany (33,17,948), Germany, (29,09,902), Colombia (24,68,236), Poland (24,56,709), Argentina (24,28,029) ) And Mexico (22,56,509). On the other hand, Mexico is at number three with 2,04,985 figures in terms of deaths. ALSO READ: Corona Update: Covid-19 in Brazil kills 4,195 people in a single day

Countries with more than 50 thousand deaths include India (1,65,547), Britain (1,27,126), Italy (1,11,747), Russia (99,431), France (97,431), Germany (77,245), Spain (75,911), Colombia. (64,524), Iran (63,506), Argentina (56,634), Poland (55,065), Peru (53,138) and South Africa (53,032).

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