Corona Update: 12.94 Crore Number of Corona Cases Worldwide

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Washington, April 2: The total number of coronavirus cases worldwide has crossed 12.94 crores, while more than 28.2 lakh people have lost their lives due to this disease. Johns Hopkins University has given this information. The University’s Center for Systems Science and Engineering (Csse) has revealed in its latest update on Friday morning that the current global cases and deaths figures are 129,475,545 and 2,826,018 respectively.

According to CSSE, America remains the most affected country with the highest number of 30,538,427 cases and 553,120 deaths in the world. At the same time, Brazil is in second place with 12,839,844 cases and 325,284 deaths. According to CSSE data, other countries with more than 2 million cases are India (12,221,665), France (4,755,779), Russia (4,503,291), Britain (4,364,541), Italy (3,607,083), Turkey (3,357,988), Spain (3,291,394), Germany. (2,853,331), Colombia (2,417,826), Argentina (2,363,251), Poland (2,356,970) and Mexico (2,238,887). Also read: Corona Update: Maharashtra and Mumbai record cases of Kovid-19, and 249 deaths

Mexico ranks third in the number of deaths from Corona with a figure of 203,210. Meanwhile, the countries with more than 50,000 deaths are India (162,927), Britain (127,006), Italy (109,847), Russia (97,594), France (96,106), Germany (76,681), Spain (75,541), Colombia (63,614), Iran (62,759), Argentina (55,941), Poland (53,665), South Africa (52,897) and Peru (52,008).

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