Colombia: Fredy Guarín arrested after an altercation with his parents

Fredy Guarín, the former midfielder of Colombia, was arrested this Thursday after an altercation with his parents in the municipality of Envigado (northwest).

Former Inter Milan and Colombian national team player Fredy Guarín was arrested on Thursday by police following an altercation with his parents in the municipality of Envigado (northwest), said the police.

The authorities were alerted by “an appeal denouncing domestic violence” and during their intervention, they found Guarín involved “in a fight against his parents”, said General Jorge Vargas, director of the national police, quoted in a report. communicated.

The dispute caused “personal injuries,” Vargas continued without specifying the type of injuries or the identity of those affected.

“Unfortunately, he has started to attack both the police and the medical staff (…) we are evaluating possible complaints about an attack on an official,” added General Pablo Ruíz, commander of the local police.

A video released by authorities shows Guarín grappling with a policeman for several seconds in front of a house.

Passed by Saint-Etienne and Porto

The player, who also played for AS Saint-Étienne (2006-2008) and FC Porto (2008-2011), in Shanghai Shenhua (2016-2019), was arrested and taken to a medical center.

Guarín, 34, returned to Colombia in early 2021, when he signed with the Millonarios de Bogota after terminating his contract with Brazilian club Vaco da Gama.

In a statement, the Millonarios club expressed their “support” for Guarín’s family and regretted the player’s conduct, while promising to be “by his side so that he receives professional help that can get him out of this critical moment “.


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