China: Thousands of hacked security cameras are used to traffic intimate videos

After reading this article, you will think twice before installing a surveillance camera in your home. Because, in China, a new illegal business is taking off: the sale of intimate videos.
According to a survey by Henan Television, relayed by South China Morning Post, 2.5 euros is enough to watch a video of someone at home or in a hotel room. To see nude or erotic scenes, you have to spend six dollars per video.

It is also possible to watch streams in real time. Hackers sell access in packs: 9 euros for ten domestic flows, 19 euros to have ten more hotel rooms, and 33 euros to have double, or about forty flows in real time. It’s dizzying.

Also to discover in video:

These videos are selling like hot cakes on social media. Like this video of a family in a vacation home, the mother glued to her smartphone, the child playing and the father resting.

“It’s basic, but a lot of people like that kind of content today, looking at people’s privacy, seeing what they’re doing on a daily basis. You know, I’ve sold this video hundreds of times ”, explains a hacker to Henan Television, specifying that he has thousands of hours of video in stock.

Hidden cameras all over the country

Home videos come from hacked cameras. Videos of hotel rooms or resorts can also be hacked, but often these images are captured by mini cameras that these hackers have hidden on the spot.

“I have dozens of people who travel the country and set up cameras everywhere they go. Even if the hotelier notices, all we lose is a hundred yuan camera [12 euros] “, specifies the same pirate, who is also looking for resellers.

In all, these thugs can base their activities on tens of thousands of cameras.

This phenomenon has existed for a few years and is growing in China. On the occasion of BlackHat Asia 2020, last October, security researchers at Baidu showed that these hidden cameras all work the same and how they can be detected. Hopefully this nauseating trend does not develop in our regions.

Source : South China Morning Post


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