China considers rising India a ‘rival’: US report

Amid the ongoing tension in Ladakh, the US State Department has said in a report that China considers it a ‘rival’ due to India’s growing influence. At the same time, the US wants to disrupt India’s strategic partnership with its allies and other democratic countries to displace America as a world superpower.

Following the victory of Democratic Party nominee Joe Biden in the US presidential election held on November 3, this detailed policy document comes from President Donald Trump’s administration before he was transferred to power. It states that China is undermining the security, autonomy and economic interests of many countries in the region.

The report said, “China sees India as a rival and Beijing has been financially implicated, disrupting New Delhi’s strategic partnership with the US, Japan, Australia and its relations with other democracies.” Tries to force him to accommodate ambitions. ‘


He said, ‘China is undermining the security, autonomy and economic interests of many other countries in the region, including the member countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), including the important Mekong region, as well as the nations of the Pacific Islands Are included.’ A 70-page report by the US State Department said that awareness was rising in the US and countries around the world, the ruling Communist Party of China has ushered in a new era of great powers’ competition.



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