Chelsea: supporters gathered in front of Stamford Bridge against the Super League

Gathered in front of Stamford Bridge before Brighton’s reception in the Premier League, hundreds of Chelsea supporters denounced the creation of the Super League and the London club’s participation in it.

“The ultimate betrayal”. “Football is ours”. “We want our cold nights in Stoke”. Here are among others the slogans inscribed on the many signs brandished Tuesday by the hundreds of Chelsea supporters against the Super League. A few hours before the home game against Brighton counting for Matchday 32 of the Premier League (9 p.m. on RMC Sport 1), the area around Stamford Bridge was taken by storm.

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These supporters sang and lit smoke bombs to express their opposition to this project. They therefore defied their own management, the London club being one of the twelve founders of this dissident European competition.

During the demonstration, former goalkeeper Petr Cech, technical advisor to the club, briefly left the stadium to meet the supporters. The interview lasted only a few seconds, under the surveillance of the numerous police forces mobilized to secure the event.

Popular distrust

This rally illustrates the mistrust of many British supporters towards the Super League and the English clubs (Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Tottenham and Arsenal) who have decided to launch it. This popular discontent is shared by the 14 Premier League clubs that have not been invited to this semi-closed European league. They “categorically rejected” this project, but also asked the organizers of the championship to consider “all possible actions” to put an end to this situation.

Critics have also come from the six English clubs criticized. Pep Guardiola was openly pronounced against, despite the involvement of Manchester City. The press also reported that Jordan Henderson, captain of Liverpool, had called a meeting of his counterparts.

After a meeting with the federation, the Premier League and groups of supporters, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson also spoke out against the Super League. He assured that no measure was ruled out and that the government was exploring “all possibilities, including the legislative option, to ensure that this proposal is abandoned”.


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