Charlotte (Love is in the meadow) attacked: She reveals herself “not in great shape”

The year 2021 has not started in the best possible way for Charlotte. On January 13, 2021, the contender of Love is in the pre 2020 disclosed that she was in the hospital following an assault. The next day, she gave her news to her subscribers, in an Instagram story.

Laurent’s contender in the M6 ​​dating show wants this new year to be synonymous with renewal. She therefore deleted all the photos from her Instagram account and only posted one with her daughter, to wish her subscribers a Happy New Year on January 12. In the caption of the cliché, the 30-year-old ready-to-wear saleswoman took the opportunity to reveal that she had the broken nose. It was only the next day that she revealed the horrible reason.

In the caption of a photo of her, on her hospital bed, with bandages all over her face, she wrote: “To avoid any misunderstanding: I did not do cosmetic rhinoplasty. A week ago now I suffered an assault, with a broken nose. Hence my surgical repair. I would have gone well.“Fortunately, she was able to return to her daughter on January 14. And she quickly gave her news:”This is not the great form, but I have my other half who is just great with me today. (…) I’m fine, in a few days it will be forgotten“.

During a question and answer, Charlotte specified that she should keep her bandages for ten days, “if everything goes well. Before falling asleep, she then explained that she had to sleep sitting up. So it was a “short night“who was waiting for him, she was sure.


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