Charlotte Gainsbourg: Panicked in New York, she had had enough of living far from Yvan Attal

Who says return to France, says reunion with fans and requests for autographs in the street: “At the same time, it’s nice to be recognized. I am lucky to be approached by people who tell me positive, affectionate things, the daughter of Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin she explained. Here, I become my parents’ daughter again. Someone who stops me, I expect him to tell me about my music, about a movie. And often it is: “I am unconditional of your father / your mother”. I can only answer: “Thank you, that’s very nice”. “

Music, films and tribute museum

Although she is not always asked about her projects, Charlotte Gainsbourg has a busy agenda. A new album is in preparation, as are several film projects. The 49-year-old actress has just finished filming Human things, directed by Yvan Attal, and in which their son Ben plays the main role: “He likes it a lot, he was always made to be an actor and he’s discovering it today

, she declared to our colleagues. But he knows that it’s a job where you are not sure of anything … I hope he will be able to create roles for himself, to be in a less passive approach than mine. “

Another project which “finally advance“and could even open this year: the transformation of his father’s mansion, at 5 rue de Verneuil, into a museum:”We have the structure, we know how it will work. “


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