Champions League: Real Madrid, Manchester City and Chelsea excluded before the half?

Chelsea, Real Madrid and Manchester City, three of the four Champions League semi-finalists this season, could be excluded from the competition, due to their participation in the dissident Super League project, Jesper Moller said on Monday. boss of the Danish football federation and member of the UEFA executive committee.

Danish Football Association president and UEFA Executive Committee member Jesper Møller said Monday he expected Real Madrid, Manchester City and Chelsea to be excluded from the Champions League semi-finals this season. The three clubs are among the twelve dissidents who have announced a project for a European Super League, which is partly closed.

“These clubs must go”

A decision should be taken on Friday at an extraordinary meeting of the executive committee of the European football body, he told Danish broadcasting, as the semi-finals Real Madrid-Chelsea and Paris Saint-Germain- Manchester City are scheduled for next week. “These clubs have to leave, and I expect that to happen on Friday, and then we’ll see how we end the Champions League,” he said.

PSG is not associated with this dissident League initiative, the capital club is not under the threat of exclusion. According to our information, the European confederation will approach its own lawyers to study measures to be taken concerning the clubs still in the Champions League race. In view of this famous extraordinary meeting scheduled for the weekend? To have.

How to end the competition in case of exclusion?

No action or decision has yet been taken regarding the clubs still competing in the European Cups. The various law firms involved in this case will also work on measures concerning the clubs for next season. Finally, the law firms will also work on all the measures that can be taken for Euro 2021, but also the 2022 World Cup.

The speech of Jesper Møller in any case opened the way to all kinds of speculation on the web, some already imagining the Parisians with the trophy in their hands in the event of exclusion of the semi-finalists, while the others hope that several teams can be drafted to complete the last four of the C1.

Impossible to date to know the real intentions of the decision-makers, in particular if a scenario which would crown Paris Saint-Germain is possible, and especially considered. The next few days should allow us to see it a little more clearly.


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