Champions League: part of the reform already changed?

According to the British daily The Times, the reform of the Champions League is called into question within the European Club Association. In question: the allocation of two tickets for the benefit of the European history of clubs via their UEFA coefficient.

The fight is far from over. If the Super League is collapsing at great speed, with the successive withdrawals of the founding members, Juventus having even admitted this Wednesday the end of the project – some also want to tackle the reform of the Champions League imagined by UEFA. According to the British daily The Times, the European body is facing pressure from the European leagues and the European Association of Clubs (ECA).

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A reform called into question

Shaken by the establishment of this private Super League initially bringing together twelve major European clubs, UEFA adopted on Monday its reform of the Champions League by 2024, with a new format and a tournament going from 32 to 36 teams . Qualification for C1 will always depend on a club’s final place in its national championship. If France keeps its fifth place in the UEFA championship rankings, one of the four additional tickets will be for it. Another ticket will be awarded to a national champion from a smaller country via the traditional “champions path” of qualifying for the competition.

The last two tickets will be awarded for the benefit of the European club history, via their UEFA coefficient, for teams not qualified for the Champions League but qualified, via their championship, for a European place (C1 play-off, Europa League or Conference League). The two best of these teams, with the UEFA coefficient, would thus be drafted in C1.

This could for example allow Borussia Dortmund, Liverpool or Arsenal to qualify despite a failed season on the national scene. At present, BvB occupy only fifth place in the Bundesliga, while the Reds and Gunners are sixth and ninth in the Premier League with six games remaining in the season. It is the attribution of these last two tickets which is called into question according to a member of the board of directors of the ECA. This body would like to see this kind of wild card for the big clubs be removed, especially after the failed putsch of the twelve clubs, and allot these two places to additional national champions.

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