Champions League: Madrid court prohibits any measure against the Super League

A Madrid court on Tuesday banned in summary proceedings to UEFA and Fifa any measure against the launch of the Super League, the first legal victory for this dissident private competition which opened a conflict in European football

The first shots are fired on the legal front, in this battle between UEFA and the Super League. As announced by Reuters and then confirmed by AFP in the wake, a court in Madrid has issued a preliminary ruling prohibiting UEFA and FIFA from preventing the launch of the Super League. Madrid court says UEFA and FIFA should not impose sanctions on players from clubs participating in the super league until they have fully examined the super league case.

Real Madrid and their president Florentino Pérez are at the head of the project

In its decision delivered on Tuesday, the Commercial Court n ° 17 of Madrid indicates having “ordered Fifa and UEFA (…) to refrain from adopting any measure or action or to issue any declaration or press release which prevents or poses difficulties, of direct or indirect form, to the preparation of the Super League of football “.

In a letter sent Sunday to Fifa and UEFA, which AFP obtained, the promoters of the Super League claimed to have already launched “a procedure before the competent courts, to ensure the establishment and operation without a hitch. of the competition “.

The idea was to undermine in advance the reprisals of the two bodies, which threatened in January to exclude dissidents from their competitions, depriving for example of Euro and World Cup players involved in this private tournament.

Real Madrid are one of the twelve founding clubs of the Super League, a new private dissident competition doomed to supplant the Champions League, organized by UEFA. Florentino Perez, at the origin of the creation of this Super League denounced by the football world, was placed at the head of the structure responsible for making the project a reality, sharply criticized by UEFA.


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