Home Sports Champions League: Kanté’s recital, Guardiola’s frustration … Manchester City-Chelsea film

Champions League: Kanté’s recital, Guardiola’s frustration … Manchester City-Chelsea film

Champions League: Kanté’s recital, Guardiola’s frustration … Manchester City-Chelsea film

Exclusive images as close as possible to Thomas Tuchel, Pep Guardiola or N’Golo Kanté, Manchester City’s inability to find the loophole in the Chelsea block … RMC Sport offers you the exceptional film of the League final champions.

“Fates”. This is the name of RMC Sport’s exceptional film on the Champions League final between Manchester City and Chelsea (0-1). “Fates” crossed between Pep Guardiola and his team – obsessed with a European coronation since the arrival of the Spaniard at the club in 2016 – and Chelsea almost come out of nowhere since the appointment of Thomas Tuchel in January 2021. Evicted from PSG in December, the German rebounded in London, revolutionized the Blues’ game and twice beat City before this final. For the third duel, he still found the loophole and won the tactical fight.

Pep Guardiola's instructions to Kevin De Bruyne
Pep Guardiola’s instructions to Kevin De Bruyne © Capture

The exclusive images of RMC Sport follow Tuchel and Guardiola on their bench, but also N’Golo Kanté, author of a masterful performance rewarded with the title of the man of the match. Spanish referee Antonio Mateu Lahoz is also under scrutiny for his latest European dance. We see him explain why he does not award a penalty to Manchester City in the second half after an involuntary hand from Reece James.

How Guardiola tried to replace De Bruyne

Before that, the images reveal how Pep Guardiola tried to find the solution to the block of the Blues and the impossibility of Kevin De Bruyne to get out of the opposing embrace and in particular that of N’Golo Kanté. “Kevin,” he tells him. Foden goes on the attack and you’re free. Foden, you’re going ahead. “


This did not work and the Blues finally found the loophole by Kai Havertz by pressing on the weakness of the tactical scheme attempted by Guardiola: the absence of number 6. Chelsea had yet sent a message two minutes earlier by developing a game action similar in every way to that which ended in the goal. The Citizens were, then, done well. But they cracked a few tens of seconds later.

Riyad Mahrez's advice to John Stones at the break
Riyad Mahrez’s advice to John Stones during the break © Capture

The Citizens then ran behind the score and Riyad Mahez urged John Stones to tighten his opponents more closely, in the halls of the locker room before the resumption of the second period. “John, you have to stick them, urges the Algerian international by joining the action to the word. Don’t back down, go ahead. That’s it and if not, you push them.”


The former Leicester winger will also express his questions and gestures towards Guardiola on City’s inability to approach the opposing goal. During this time, N’Golo Kanté (13 kilometers traveled) increased the number of interceptions and remarkable balls coming out. Until the release of the final whistle, offering the second Champions League in Chelsea history.



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