Champions League: Ceferin leaves a little doubt about the maintenance of the semi-final of Real

In a long interview granted Wednesday evening on Slovenian television, Aleksander Čeferin connects the tackles on the subject of the aborted project of the Super League. The UEFA boss talks about possible sanctions, in particular against Real Madrid and its president Florentino Perez. With a little doubt about the semi-final of the Champions League.

Will the Champions League semi-final between Real Madrid and Chelsea take place as planned next Tuesday (to be continued on RMC Sport)? A priori yes. But Aleksander Čeferin still left a slight doubt hovering on Wednesday evening, during a lengthy interview granted to Slovenian television.

The problem of broadcasters

“There is a relatively small chance that this match will not take place next week,” blurted the UEFA president in words scripted by 24ur zvečer. Low, because the stakes are huge and already high: “The key is that the season has already started and the televisions would claim damages from us in the event of cancellation of the semi-finals, continues Ceferin. But it will be a problem. little different in the future. “

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“The doors to UEFA are open, but at the same time, everyone will have to suffer the consequences of their actions,” he also warned of the attempted secession of 12 clubs to form a semi-Super League. closed, in competition with UEFA competitions. With more leniency for the six English clubs who “recognized their mistake”. Unlike a Florentino Perez that the European leader did not fail to tackle.


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