Céline Dion: Her fan, drunk, who has changed identity, receives a big check from a TV star …

Celine Dion is an icon to millions of fans around the world but, in the lot, some are more hardcore that others. This is the case of Thomas Dodd, a 30-year-old Englishman, who paid a service to legally change his name to that of the singer, whom he is addicted to. Invited by Ellen DeGeneres, he returned to his crazy gesture and was surprised by a nice check by the host.

Thursday, January 14, 2021, the decried American presenter received Thomas Dodd in duplex from his studios in Los Angeles, which was on his side at home in Tamworth, England. “You can call me Celine even if it’s a bit strange. Really I’m starting to get used to it now, believe it or not“, said the young man, who had made the buzz on Twitter by sharing the official documents proving his change of name to the civil status. Thomas Dodd explained that due to the coronavirus pandemic, he had revised his plans for Christmas and had thus found himself alone at home, with a magnum of champagne offered by a friend.a drink or two“, he ended up getting the bottle watching TV; precisely a Celine Dion concert,”the best


It wasn’t until a few days later, on my way home from a 12-hour working day, when I was hungry, that I found myself in my kitchen with my mail noticing a letter that looked important (…) As I read all this paperwork, it informed me that I had indeed changed my name from Thomas Dodd to Celine Dion“, he said, adding to have ordered”8 copies“he was so drunk.

Very amused by the situation, Ellen DeGeneres gave her guest a nice surprise. “As I know you want to go back to school and become a first aid worker, Shutterfly [une entreprise américaine de photos, NDLR], who adores people who change their name to Celine Dion, to celebrate this they offer you 10,000 dollars“, she announced to him, while he was in shock.


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