Caroline Receveur: Cosmetic surgery, second child … her confidences without taboos

It’s THE current trend on Instagram. Many personalities have lent themselves to the “true / false” game. The principle ? Their subscribers ask them questions and they have to say whether this is true or false, giving some details. This Tuesday, January 19, 2021, it was Caroline Receveur who succumbed and she notably mentioned the subject of plastic surgery.

For several years, Caroline Receveur has been suspected of having recourse to cosmetic surgery for her chest or her lips. Each time, Hugo Philip’s wife assured that she was 100% natural, often with humor. But she finally succumbed to her breast as she confided when asked about the subject. “True, More than a year ago“, she wrote when asked if she had done a breast augmentation. The beautiful 33-year-old blonde had already confided on the subject during a live Instagram, in April 2020.”I was doing 100D, which is huge and you can imagine that after the pregnancy I lost everything again, so I really had … empty breasts. I’m not going to say that I was complexed but I didn’t like it“, she explained. A choice that she does not regret.

This is not the only cosmetic surgery that Caroline Receveur could have recourse to. During her true / false session, Marlon’s mom (2 years old) revealed that she could also redo his eyelids. “I think about it because they fall more and more“, we can read. Finally, the influencer and businesswoman revealed whether or not she was thinking of having a second child : “Deep inside I know I feel like I want a second child. (a girl ?). But I want to bring him as much love and time as I could and continue to bring to Marlon. Organization level, I’m not sure this is the best time. Even though there isn’t a right time, I know it. I am on big professional projects. I want to do things in order, finally. I want to want it as much as I do for Marlon. Feel it viscerally so that the ailments of pregnancy and those that follow are totally accepted and experienced lightly.


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