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Carefully do friendship on social media, raped under the guise of friendship with a minor, friendship with a woman on Facebook

A case of misbehavior has come up under the guise of friendship through social media in Zone 12 under the North Mumbai Territorial Department. According to police, the victim girl had befriended an unknown person a few months ago through Facebook. The man told the girl that he was from his area. He won her trust and began to draw closer to her. Initially the girl continued to ignore him, but after some time due to frequent followings and chatting-calling by the accused, the two became friends. The accused called the girl to meet in Aarey Colony a few days ago citing friendship. There he raped the victim.

According to the statement given by the victim to the police, relying on her Facebook friend, she went to BMC School in Aarey Colony. At that time the day was going to change. By the time the accused reached there, it became very dark. Before she could understand anything, the man took advantage of the darkness and forcibly took her to the bushes and raped her. The victim told the police that she also made noise, but due to being a deserted place, her voice was not heard by anyone and the accused managed his dirty intentions. The accused also video-shot him during the rape and took photographs. On the go, he threatened that if he told the police or family about this incident, his video and photo would go viral and kill him. The matter remained silent for a few days after this incident, but after a few days, the accused started blackmailing her based on the obscene video. Eventually the victim turned to Aare police station and lodged an FIR against the accused.

Accused arrested
Senior PI Nutan Pawar said that on the basis of the victim’s statement, the police registered a case under Section 376, 354 (b), 506 (b) of the IPC, Section 4, 8 and 12 of the Poxo Act and Section 67 of the IT Act. When the investigation of the incident took place, the accused turned out to be a resident of the same area from which the victim belongs to the girl. Police have arrested the accused after locating him. Police has appealed to people not to befriend unknown people through social media. Think a hundred times before making friendship or getting into some kind of temptation or going to some unknown place.


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