Car, glasses and rivalry with Facebook… Tim Cook gives some clues about the future of Apple

30 exclusive minutes, with Tim Cook. In the last episode of his podcast Sway, journalist Kara Swisher enjoys the luxury of talking for half an hour with the CEO of Apple.
Rather rare in the media (with the exception of meetings with journalists linked to a specific news item), the boss of Apple returned to certain key events of his tenure at the head of the Californian giant (his clash with the FBI, his anti-Facebook statements, app store anti-trust investigations etc.).
Without going into details, in the name of the cult of the legendary secret of the brand, Tim Cook also answered a few questions about the brand’s future products, such as the mixed reality headset that we hope to discover in the coming months.

Conversations enriched by augmented reality

Asked about his interest in augmented reality, Tim Cook gave Kara Swisher a rather astonishing example, as its realization seems complicated.

“You and I are having a great conversation right now. It might even be better if we were able to enrich our discussion with graphics or other items to highlight. “ explains the boss of Apple, who seems to imagine a version of phone calls where virtual elements could appear in the vision of their user.
Tim Cook declined to respond to eyeglass rumors, however, indicating Apple never speaks. “Of products which could be foreseen or not to be foreseen”.

This is not the first time that Tim Cook talks about augmented reality with a lot of enthusiasm, Kara Swisher has also pointed out to him that he only talks about American football and AR. On the other hand, this is the first time that he has given an example that is not applicable to current devices. In the hypothesis that glasses would allow these calls of the future soon, one can also wonder who would manage “The management”. How do you make a graphic appear in a conversation without ultimately complicating your life? Will there be a version of Keynote dedicated to AR?

Facebook is not Apple’s rival

Another topic of discussion, the upcoming arrival in iOS 14.5 of a system anti-tracking advertising. This novelty annoys some companies like Facebook which, for several months, has been doing everything to convince public opinion of the dangers of such a change.
Problem, the comments of the social network are struggling to convince since Facebook above all gives the impression of wanting to save its own business, based on the monitoring of its users.

In her podcast, the journalist from New York Times asked Tim Cook if Apple had assessed the damage Facebook would take after this change.
The boss of Apple kicked in touch, and indicated that the brand was not at all interested in the social network. Asked about Mark Zuckerberg’s sentence that Apple has become Facebook’s main competitor, Tim Cook wanted to put his rival in his place.

“Oh, I think we are competing on some points. But no, if I ask who our biggest competitors are, they wouldn’t be listed. We are not in the social media business. ”

Tim Cook doesn’t know Elon Musk

Of course, how to interview Tim Cook without addressing the rumors about the future Apple Car. Here, the boss of the company did not want to say anything even if he suggested that Apple’s strength lay, in this case as always, in its ability to merge hardware and software. However, he indirectly answered Kara Swisher’s question on the development of a real vehicle or simple autonomous driving software.
The reporter then asked Tim Cook if he hadn’t made a mistake in refusing to buy Tesla, as Elon Musk posted on Twitter. The boss of Apple is doing strangely well by not answering the question.

“I have never spoken to Elon, although I have great admiration and respect for the company he created.”

Apple doesn’t want an alternative store

Without revealing anything new, Tim Cook also returned to the war between Epic Games (publisher of the game Fortnite) to his business. The boss of Apple recalled that most developers do not pay commission (their applications are free) and that, among those who offer paid applications, the vast majority have been subject to 15% commission since January (since their turnover is less than $ 1 million). In short, the question of 30% is not, according to him, problematic.

Another point on which Tim Cook has been firm, Apple must not allow stores competing with the App Store on iPhone and iPad. The safety of its users and the consistency of the offer are at stake, according to the brand’s boss.

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Who will be the boss of Apple in 10 years?

Finally, Tim Cook mentioned the end of his reign at Apple. When asked by Kara Swisher if he would still be the boss of the company in 10 years, Tim Cook surprised by revealing that he probably wouldn’t.
Arrived at the head of Apple in 2011, a few weeks before the death of Steve Jobs, Tim Cook should no longer preside over the destiny of the group during the 2030s.

Source: The New York Times


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