Camille Froment (Les Marseillais) pregnant and about to give birth: discomfort and visit to the maternity ward

Camille Froment has had a lot of heart for a few days. The former candidate of Marseillais and ex of Benjamin Samat explained through several messages posted on Instagram to have been betrayed by a person who meant a lot to her. Currently pregnant, and while she has indicated that she only wants to take care of herself and her unborn daughter, we can imagine that the person in question would be the rapper Dadinho Leybou whom she had been dating for a while now and with whom she is expecting her child. “I make radical decisions in my life but which will be beneficial to me I think. I want to think of myself, of my daughter, of moving quickly from here …“, she declared among other things.

The day after these revelations, Camille Froment experienced a little fear vis-à-vis her pregnancy. “It was a really complicated day. I had a bad stomach ache all afternoon, she reported. So I went to the maternity ward, I made an echo, everything is going very very well. You have to watch but nothing alarming. “If she wants to be reassuring, the pretty Marseillaise confides all the same to have been the victim of some worrying dizziness.”I’m so tired because with everything going on right now I had a blood pressure that was quite low, I was faint, my ears ringing, my vision blurred… So it was a bit of a hassle. But that’s nothing serious frankly, it’s true that suddenly it surprises“.

By visiting her midwife to check the progress of her pregnancy, Camille also made a great discovery: her childbirth should not be long! “I’m near term! Like in three weeks I’m at term. I was far from imagining that I was so close“, she was surprised with delight. A meeting with her daughter that she waits impatiently and which will certainly make her forget her worries!


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