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Budget will be decided after vaccine final: Sitharaman

On the possible cost of the vaccine, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said that at the moment it is not known how much the corona vaccine is going to cost. It is not yet decided which vaccines will be approved. Speaking at the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit, he said that the real cost can be estimated only after the vaccine is approved and the dose fixed. The Finance Minister said that it is not yet known whether one or two or more doses will help control the disease. An accurate assessment of the provision of its amount in the budget will not be possible before things become clear about this and the price of each dose is fixed.

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On the issues of farmers, the Finance Minister said that there was a long discussion between the Ministry of Agriculture, farmers and all stakeholders. The government did not make any sudden announcements, these laws have been brought after extensive consultation. These issues were also placed several times in the manifesto of political parties and they mentioned these reforms which have been done by the central government.

Will negotiate solutions with farmers

The Finance Minister has expressed hope that a solution will be found soon through the government’s dialogue with farmers. Nirmala said that the present government takes MSP more seriously than previous governments and procurement on MSP has also increased which benefited the farmers. In such a situation, instead of creating confusion about the intention of the government, it should be trusted.


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