Bruno Wolkowitch (Sam) and Fanny Gilles still in a relationship? Revelations

Bruno Wolkowitch was the new kid on the block. The 59-year-old actor arrived in season 5 of sat this year, on TF1. And there is a person who has a dear place in his heart on the set: the mother of her children Fanny Gilles.

It was in 2003, on the set of an episode of PJ that Bruno Wolkowitch and Fanny Gilles met. The couple were very discreet and spoke little of their relationship. As proof, we had to wait for the edition TV 7 Days of January 11, 2021 to find out that the parents of Loulou (14 years old) and Luca (9 years old) were separated. After assuring that their reunion in Sam was a “pure random“, Olivier’s interpreter said:”I found the mother of my children from whom I am separated. So it made childcare much easier, each having in advance the work schedule of the other. “

Bruno Wolkowitch also confided in the magazine on the subject Star TV (January 18 edition). And he assured that it is not the presence of Fanny Gilles which convinced him to join the series of TF1 in particular carried by Natacha Lindinger. And for good reason, he is no longer in a relationship with her … for many years. “No, it didn’t weigh in the balance, knowing that we haven’t been together for seven years. We are now like all separate people who work in the same universe and sometimes cross paths. We don’t have a shadow of a problem“, he admitted to our colleagues. The good atmosphere therefore reigned on the set between the former lovebirds.


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