Browse in complete privacy with the anti-tracking tool included in Avast Ultimate

When we talk about tracking the web, we often think of malicious sites or software hiding to spy on you. But beyond the security risks, “tracking” is a very widespread activity on almost all commercial websites, which use cookies to identify you, and especially to deliver targeted content to you. With AntiTrack Premium, included in the full Avast Ultimate pack (free 3 months with no obligation), you are protected from tracking devices regardless of the browser you use. AntiTrack Premium allows you to muddy the waters by modifying your digital fingerprint, which makes it impossible for you to identify precisely. You can also know which sites have tracked you during a session, and automatically clean your browser data to avoid leaving traces.

Avast Ultimate: Take advantage of the anti-tracking tool available in the pack

AntiTrack is part of the Avast Ultimate Pack, which is Avast’s most comprehensive offering on the market to secure your computer, internet connection and all your devices, PCs, Macs or mobile devices running Android and iOS. In addition to AntiTrack, you’ll be able to take advantage of the Avast Premium Security suite, including award-winning antivirus, firewall, and ransomware and phishing defense tools. SecureLine VPN is provided and allows you to connect encrypted and anonymously to hide your IP address and geographic location. Finally, to keep your computer fit and up to date, Cleanup Premium cleans up your junk files and updates your apps automatically.

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