Bordeaux: Lizarazu "disgusted" and worried about other clubs

The announcement of the withdrawal from King Street and the placing under protection of the commercial court has placed the Girondins de Bordeaux in a very critical situation. Trained in Gironde, Bixente Lizarazu regretted to the Parisian the behavior of the American owners and feared that other Ligue 1 clubs would experience similar difficulties.

The announcement of the withdrawal of King Street from the Girondins had the effect of a bomb this Thursday in Ligue 1. Placed under the protection of the commercial court, the Bordeaux club is looking for a buyer and finds itself in great danger. Like Alain Giresse or Christophe Dugarry who harshly criticized the management of Bordeaux by “garbage” or people “baited by profit”, Bixente Lizarazu also reacted to the difficulties of his training club.

“I am quite disgusted for several reasons, explained the former side of the France team in an interview with the newspaper Le Parisien. The situation was already complicated enough but frankly, I did not think that King Street would thus let go of the club five days from the end. To let go so quickly, it means that there is no very reassuring information and especially to do it at this precise moment, it means’ I don’t give a damn about your club’.”

Lizarazu: “This must serve as a lesson for French football”

Trained at the Girondins before making most of his club career at Bayern Munich, the 1998 world champion then warned other clubs that could experience a similar situation in the future.

“Anyway, in clubs where there is neither transparency nor serenity at the moment like Marseille Bordeaux Nantes or Saint-Etienne, it is not really a surprise to note that anything can happen, again plagued the ‘ex-left side of the Blues. But really, I’m as shocked as disgusted. “

According to the converted player consultant, the example of Bordeaux is symptomatic of modern football where extremely wealthy owners buy the clubs.

“Let us stop believing that there are billionaires who would come to save clubs. This is a myth, chained bixente Lizarazu. It does not exist. In the same way that we were delighted at the unreal increase in TV rights, we should not dream of the savior who buys a club for the fun of it All this should serve as a lesson in French football. […] It is extremely serious for Bordeaux and there is reason to be worried. But I repeat, it can happen to anyone, there is not a club that is immune to this kind of story. “


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