Bordeaux: Gasset shakes his players after another worrying defeat

Beaten by Strasbourg (2-3) this Sunday, after a catastrophic start to the match, Bordeaux begins to feel the wind of its pursuers behind their backs. Not yet assured of maintenance, the Bordelais must stop the bleeding. Jean-Louis Gasset is counting on experience for this.

Bordeaux are playing to scare themselves, but beware of overconfidence in the fight for maintenance. The Girondins lost to Strasbourg this Sunday (2-3), as part of the 31st day of Ligue 1, having conceded three goals in the first half hour. The club, which has won only one of its last ten league games, is 14th in the standings.

“It’s everywhere, in the technique, in the duels … everywhere. It’s not just a sec tor of play. We did not have a block, notes a somewhat fatalistic Jean-Louis Gasset at a press conference . Right now we’re making rookie mistakes. ” Especially on set pieces. “You have to get to put in people’s heads that when you are responsible for someone, this someone must not mark”, adds the technician.

“We’ll have to turn on the tap”

“After a start to the match like that, luckily you are worried. Now, I still have experienced players. We say to ourselves that at one point, we will realize that what we are doing is not enough . Maybe people are convinced that we will win one or two games out of the seven that remain. But we have to say to ourselves that we have to do it as quickly as possible. And honestly, I still had the hope that it will be today “, continues Jean-Louis Gasset. Bordeaux will go to Saint-Etienne on Sunday.

“It is with this group that we will succeed in fulfilling the mission, he insists all the same. We missed a good opportunity to breathe but I do not see why we would not have the morale with 36 points. when others would have it with 28-29 points After that, it’s a mental question. […] We’ll have to turn on the tap. We have to stop talking and play, we have to focus on football. “After the Greens, Bordeaux will receive Monaco in great shape.


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