Bordeaux: Bruno Fiévet is a candidate for the club’s buyout

The businessman Bruno Fiévet announces on RMC that he is interested in taking over FC Girondins de Bordeaux, just placed under protection with the commercial court. He had already made a buyout offer in September, but US owner King Street turned it down.

Will save him from the Girondins de Bordeaux be Bruno Fiévet? The businessman is in any case officially declared interested in buying the club, just placed under the protection of the commercial court because of the withdrawal of the American shareholder King Street. “Concretely, we will discuss with the court to find out under what conditions the club is for sale,” he said Thursday in Top of the Foot on RMC.

In September, King Street rejected an offer of around 70 million euros from this investor who does business in finance. “I had announced that I did not want to continue in a recovery project, because I did not see the end of the tunnel. The light has arrived, finally,” he said.

A debt of around 130 million euros?

No question for the moment to come forward on new figures, in particular because the situation has thus evolved well at all levels and that we will have to take stock of the colossal debt of the club. “Depending on what we are going to announce to us in court, we will be able to propose a takeover offer, he warned. I do not want to sell a dream. You have to know what this debt really is. Me, it is more important than 45 million euros. I can even assure that it is close to 130 million “.

“We had presented an offer around 70 million, but it was at a time when the TV rights were assumed by Mediapro and the stadium gauge was not zero. What was valid in September is no longer valid today. “I don’t want to create either hope or despair. It is quite possible that the Girondins will be bought back for 5 million and King Street will leave with debt. Just as it is possible that they will leave 130 million. It will all depend on what that is. will say the agent “, details Bruno Fiévet, who ensures that his project is” written “and tied up on the choice of collaborators.

In addition, questioned on the announcement of the club itself, Bruno Fiévet assures to have seen this issue coming: “It is not a surprise. I had already said it in September. I was taken for a crazy, at the time. (…) I am surprised by the timing, three days before a crucial match against Lorient. I can now imagine the complexity for the staff to motivate the troops “.


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