BMW announces the launch of electric cars in India

Few cities in India currently have public utility electric charging stations, which has delayed the release of many new electric vehicles. Auto companies are waiting for the construction of high-speed fast-charging stations, with the possibility that the release of electric vehicles could result in the loss of charging stations.

A number of study reports have revealed that consumers are reluctant to buy electric vehicles because Lost Mile is not connected to charging facilities.

In India, where electric molality is a preliminary step, the automakers are planning to release their future vehicles after a few years.

When did the German luxury car manufacturer BMW launch an electric car in India? The question is whether future vehicles will be released on charging facilities. BMW already sells three major electric cars in Europe and is planning to introduce new EV models in India by 2021.

In an interview with a media company, BMW India CEO Vikram Pava said the company is excited about the launch of the EV vehicles, which will be a complement to the launch of new EV vehicles if the charging facilities are available at maximum.


With the aim of preventing pollution, the major countries in the world, which are at the very least implementing fuel-based vehicles, emphasize the use of electric and hybrid vehicles and have implemented all necessary plans to attract electric vehicles.

In India, the current Fame 2 scheme offers a wide range of offers not only to electric vehicle manufacturers but also to buyers, with a maximum subsidy, GST exemption and tax exemption for consumers who buy EV vehicles.

It has also launched a massive project to increase the charging stations to support the purchase of electric vehicles, opening 3 km of urban areas and 25 km of fast charging stations on highways. The government is also planning to install charging points in the existing petrol bunkers.


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