Women’s French Cup: PSG a final to save the season

The 21st Women’s French Cup Final will pit Paris Saint-Germain against Yjure Allier Auvergne at the Gaston-Gerard Stadium in Dijon on Sunday (6:15 pm). After a year surrounded by disillusionment and out-of-game affairs, PSG hope to restore their image by lifting (probably) their only trophy of the season.

“We have to win this Cup, it’s important,” said PSG women’s coach Didier Ole-Nicol. To conclude a lively season, PSG players are preparing to play in the final of the Coupe de France. On Sunday, at the Gaston-Gerard Stadium in Dijon, they will try to win the third French Cup in their history. This lady will be up against Yzeure, a surprise guest with D2’s smallest budget.

A huge favorite for the title, Parisian and his coach are still on the alert. “I would put my team in trouble if I said we were the favourites. When I started with too much confidence I already felt hopeless”, Ole-Nicole warned before adding: “I always just won I envision but you have to prepare it. We have to play a very good match to win.”

Last Chance to “Save” the Season

Dropped in the D1 standings, out in the Champions League semi-finals a few weeks ago, five points behind Lyonnais, inspired by the Cucumber Hamraoui affair for several months, PSG players are counting on the Coupe de France to deliver a match. Shine in very dark weather. “Despite everything, we deserve a trophy. It will do us good after whatever happened. We all remained positive and united,” says defender Alyssa de Almeida, who arrived at PSG last July.

“This cup is a goal”

Yzeure, for his part, will try to compete against players from PSG, which is closer to a handicap. Especially since the Allier club has only faced teams of less than or equal to its level. In contrast, PSG eliminated their direct competitors in one league after another: Dijon, Lyon, Montpellier before eliminating Fleury and spinning out in the final. “This cup is a goal. Our journey was very difficult. We had the hardest draw till the final”, says Didier Ole-Nicol before concluding: “It’s a final, we have to win it.”

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