St. Etienne: "We ain’t talking about what’s next"Tells Dupraz about his future

While AS Saint-Etienne are still fighting to stay in Ligue 1, Pascal Dupraz was asked about his future at a news conference this Friday. The Greens coach has turned it down: he’s on a mission in the fore and doesn’t want to think about the rest.

There are two games left for Pascal Dupraz to succeed in his mission to retain Saint-tienne – perhaps more if he wins a place in the play-offs. And nothing can deter him from this goal, especially not his short-term future. Present at a press conference this Friday, on the eve of Reims’ reception from the side for the 37th day of Ligue 1 (this Saturday at 9 pm), the Greens’ coach, at the end of the contract on 30 June, hammered. That he had absolutely no idea what was to come.

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“I have free will. If so, I would tell them ‘don’t opt ​​for Dupraz because I’d like to go home’. No one promised me or imposed anything. The deal was clear: you come, you es st. – keep Etienne in Ligue 1 and we don’t talk about what happens next. We never talked about it and we can’t talk about it! At the end of the season if my manager doesn’t talk to me Even if I do, I don’t have to be angry. It’s not agreeable. We can be comfortable with it at age 60. I’m on a mission that pleases me, which is hard. I have a hard time achieving it. Proud and proud. It’s not cinema”, developed Forezian Koch.

“The more prestigious coaches have broken their teeth with this squad”

“I want to be there for all the little hands in the club because they annoy me every time they shake my hand,” he continued. The players have to do it, I trust them. Although I know it’s a one in two chance! I’m not going to tremble from here with the ghost of the exile. ,

Dupraz highlights player involvement

Currently 18th in Ligue 1, three points behind Lorient, 17th, Saint-Etienne allowed valuable points to slip on Wednesday during a late match on the 36th day against Nice (4-2). Leading 2–0 at the break, the Greens fell on their return from the locker room and eventually lost 4–2. When asked about the reasons for this disappointment, Dupraz still wanted to emphasize the involvement of his players.

“There are psychological, technical springs as well. The more reputable coaches have broken their teeth with this squad. What I see is that the players are invested, they don’t let go after two days from the end. C” objective data Is. It shows a boy who cheats. I don’t get the impression to see many cheaters on the lawn in Nice. It is with these players that ASSE will sustain itself and the psychological springs are crucial.”

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