PSG: "You have all the big players and you want to change?"Ronaldinho doesn’t understand workforce criticism

Former PSG and Barca player Ronaldinho speaks to The Indian Paper ahead of the Champions League final between Liverpool and Real Madrid on May 28, which he will take part in as part of an Expedia operation, the competition’s partners. He is also shocked by the criticism from PSG stars.

Sixteen years after his coronation with FC Barcelona, ​​Ronaldinho will return for the Champions League final between Liverpool and Real Madrid on 28 May at the Stade de France as part of the “La Route 10 du Freestyle Tour” operation. The participant of the contest who wins eight places for the fight. The Brazilians will accompany eight lucky winners (try your luck here) during the Paris tour, then during the finals. The former PSG playmaker retains fond memories of his coronation in C1 against Arsenal (2-1) in the French enclosure with Barca in 2006. He spoke at The Indian Paper this evening but also on news from Paris.

What are your memories of the final at the Stade de France in 2006?

It was a special moment for me, in a city I love dearly. It was great to win the Champions League there. I always think about it.

Did the atmosphere of the stadium also mark you?

Yes. I remember it well. It was a remarkable moment. We were lucky to win. It was really special for me, in this city which I love very much.

Ronaldinho will participate in the operation "Route 10 with Freestyle Tour" from Expedia
Ronaldinho will participate in Expedia © Expedia’s Operation “Route 10 with the Freestyle Tour”

What do you think about this Champions League final poster? What’s your favorite?

Two great teams. They have very good players. I wish them the best. Real Madrid is great. He does a great job. But as I really like Barca, I am with Liverpool (laughs).

How do you watch the PSG season? Should everything be changed?

I don’t understand because all are great players. And you want to change everything? What do you want, the worst player in the world? (laughs) We will have to wait for them to understand this new way of living and playing football. And the rest will come slowly. This adaptation is normal in order to do things well.

“Neymar, Di Maria, Messi… the greatest players together. If you’re not happy with it, who are you going to play with?”

Should Neymar stay at PSG?

He is one of the best players in the world. He has suffered multiple injuries this year. When he is at 100% he is really a special player for this team. Neymar, Di Maria, Messi… the greatest players together. If you’re not happy with it, what are you going to play with?

What advice would you give for the future of Mbappe? How should he announce his choice, whether he is leaving or staying?

I don’t have any advice. I love her a lot. The most important thing is that he is happy, the rest will come as usual. He will become the best player in the world. The rest is for him to decide where he will play and what he wants to do.

What is your take on this Ligue 1 season? Is it still a good championship?

Sure. This is a very complex championship. It is far more difficult for other clubs. It’s a championship I’ve always wanted to see.

Is Benzema a favorite for the Ballon d’Or?

I like Benzema. He is a player of tremendous quality. And this is not from today, but from long ago. Things are going very well for them this season. I hope he wins as many individual titles as possible.

Interview by Arthur Perotto

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