PSG: "there is no front or back"Pochettino not worried about upcoming transfer window

Appearing at a press conference ahead of a trip to Montpellier this Saturday, Mauricio Pochettino was asked about a possible delay by PSG during the summer transfer window compared to other major European clubs. Argentine technicians are not worried about the current situation.

While clubs such as Manchester City or Borussia Dortmund are already finalizing transfers, even declaring them like the respective arrivals of Erling Haaland and Karim Ademi, a certain ambiguity seems to be ruling PSG. Is. For example, the future is uncertain between the files of coach, sports director or Kylian Mbappe.

Asked if PSG could delay this impending transfer window, Mauricio Pochettino assured that there is nothing harmful at this stage. “No, each club acts as it pleases. Paris Saint-Germain has its own strategy and should follow it. I believe that no one is ahead or behind, you just have to know where you are.” Going. PSG should not be compared with other clubs. , commented the Argentine technician. The end of the season is approaching and the club is already working on the next season.

Pochettino also discussed the cohabitation between Navas and Donnarumma.

Already crowned champions of France, PSG still have two games to play. All eyes are now on the future transfer window. “The work is done during the season, we search for players, we look at profiles, we look at possibilities of incorporation that can improve the team. Then there is a period when departures and arrivals are done.” There is work that is done in parallel with the competition,” Pochettino said. “Most of the work is done during the season.”

In the realm of things for PSG to settle for, leaders will have to focus on the camaraderie between Keylor Navas and Gianluigi Donnarumma. Both men have already warned that they do not want to live the same season again. “I don’t know what Gigi said. I didn’t listen, I prefer to listen to players in this type of situation because there are always nuances in what is said, defused Pochettino. But in all cases, the club will decide.” What is best, like last summer when he signed Gigi along with Navas, Rico, Letelier and other youngsters, it will be up to the club to decide and then everyone will have their own opinion. It is possible that nothing will change, also It’s possible that something will change.”

PSG distinguished themselves during last summer’s transfer window by recruiting free players such as Sergio Ramos, Gianluigi Donnarumma, Georginio Wijnaldum or Lionel Messi. The Parisian club also bought Achraf Hakimi from Inter Milan. Despite these arrivals, Mauricio Pochettino did not manage to win the Champions League with his team, which was stated as the objective. Under contract until June 2023, Argentina could pay for this new European failure.

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