Outrageous chant against sala: Rothen’s big rant against Nice Ultra


Following the scandal caused by derogatory lyrics from some Nice supporters towards former Nantes player, Emiliano Sala, who tragically died in 2019, Jerome Rothen attacked Rivera’s ultras, author of several slippages this season.


“I thought I had lived everything in a stadium as a player, supporter or spectator…” Despite his experience, Jerome Rothen didn’t believe it when he saw some Nice supporters on Wednesday evening at the former striker. Heard the mantra being kidnapped. Nantes Emiliano Sala was tragically killed in a plane crash in 2019 during a Ligue 1 match against Saint-Etienne (4-2).

“Against stupidity, you can’t fight”

“What happened yesterday … no words, he reacted to RMC on the Rothen Ignites show. Christophe Gaultier explained it well on the spot, even if it wasn’t easy. We get the impression that with some, we There’s no turning back because these people are fools. Against stupidity, you can’t fight. If they’re stupid and don’t understand, for a while, you have to vacate your stand of these people Clubs have to act differently, be a lot more determined.”


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“Stay at home !”

Very serious about this range of extremists, Jerome Rothen does not want all viewers to suffer from his attitude. “To confuse everyone, support the left hand is completely stupid. There are unfortunately people in these extreme groups who are not responsible because they are stupid. So we should start with the internal police already. I am the President. Pity River, it affects the club, everyone. They weighed down the Nice season in terms of image at the level of the game as they lost a point (due to incidents during the match against OM, editor’s note ) And maybe now a second. It’s dramatic! They’re putting their club in danger. These guys, if you’re not passionate about your club, if you’re not passionate about football, stay home !”

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