Om-Strasbourg: The moment Sampaoli (late) understands Marseille is in the Champions League


While the entire velodrome burst against Monaco at the equalizer of the RC lens, which sent OM to the Champions League, Jorge Sampaoli did not immediately understand what was happening and was excited with a time delay. A very funny moment in the magical and enigmatic evening of Marseille.


Om qualified for the Champions League thanks to an incredible scenario that Sampaoli has also struggled to follow. While OM was leading 4–0 against Strasbourg and still had to score a goal to pass Monaco, who were leading 2–1 against Brest at the time, Folkens thanks to a goal.. .RC went beyond the lens!

Paganelli and gestures with their leaders. information from

In the stands, the leaders of OM, aware of the required goal difference, all raise a finger, which is synonymous with the ultimate needed to qualify Marseilles via goal difference. Except that Sang-et-Ya immediately drew 2-2 against ASM and therefore sent OM straight into second. And when Ganago scores in the 90+5th minute, the entire velodrome explodes, and Marseille players raise their arms to the sky. All but one: George Sampaoli.

Longoria and Cardoz say one goal left to qualify for UCL
Longoria and Cardoz indicate they have one goal left to qualify for UCL © AFP

The Argentine coach remains steadfast while everyone is happy by their side. He even turns to his leaders and asks his fingers if it’s really 2-2. On the sidelines, Canal+ consultant Paganelli explains to him that OM has qualified for the Champions League. The Argentine technician understands, raises his arms skyward and turns to his bench with fists to celebrate. Matteo Guendouzzi runs up to her and hugs her loudly.

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Sampaoli turns to his bench to check the score

All Marseilles jump over each other and form a circle to celebrate, while the stands detonate the last smoke bombs available. Jacques Cardoz, OM communications director, jumps in all directions before joining his group on the pitch. Even the club’s American owner, Frank McCourt, cries out loud with his baby girl in his arms. A very beautiful Marseille evening, which ends with this beautiful get-together between supporters and their players.

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