OM: Sampaoli’s message to his management for the off-season

OM coach Jorge Sampaoli spoke on Friday about the changes coming after the season and at the club, while everything remains to be done to qualify for the Champions League.

A few convulsions and lots of questions when talking about the rest of her Olympian adventure. Marseille coach Jorge Sampaoli spoke in detail this Friday about the club’s future and the upcoming off-season, the day OM were relegated in the Conference League semi-finals. “An assessment will have to be made by staff and leaders”, he says, explaining that the end of the season will decide on movements in the off-season.

“Everything will depend on the end of our season”

“We have to see how the team ends the season, know the club’s ambitions. We have to see if this workforce has the capacity to play so many matches, so many competitions,” he underlines. Gotta give a report Done by the staff and the leaders. Then it will be decided by the club, the owner to know where he wants to go. Everything will depend on the end of our season. The Champions League should generate more investment. It’s different if What is this Europa League, if we want to go for the league title. Will the young players be up for it? The leaders will see. Everyone has their own point of view. Where should the club go? With whom? And with whom? Many ways possible. You have to keep sports and economics in mind”.

Sampaoli C1 . Claims the game guarantee in the event of qualification for

Sampaoli also recalls that “OM’s ambition and the coach’s not” will be taken into account while his contract expires at the end of next season. To the best of our knowledge, the Marseille coach believes he has done his best with this team and wants a guaranteed game if Om qualifies for the next Champions League.

“Maybe we had a very good season for us, but maybe for the leaders, given the workforce we have, this is an average season,” he concluded. There are several points to keep in mind: sports, economic, to the needs of every one”. As a reminder, OM are still second in Ligue 1 before the final three days of the championship, but see the return of Rennes and Monaco as real threats. Therefore, preparations are being made for the future of the club from Sunday in Lorient.

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