Nice: Gaultier’s strong words on the fight against homophobia in football

When asked about the awareness campaign against homophobia held in Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 over the next two weekends, Christophe Gaultier felt that many barriers had fallen in recent years, but there were still a lot of taboos on the subject.

The Professional Football League has decided to send a strong message to the French lawns for the fourth year in a row. During the 37th and 38th days of League 1 and Ligue 2 (this Saturday and Saturday 21 May), all players were actually invited to wear jerseys in the colors of the rainbow, a symbol of the LGBT movement. Present at a press conference this Friday, on the eve of the match between Nice and Lille (9 p.m.), Christophe Gaultier was asked about this awareness campaign.

>> Re-live Gaultier’s press conference

“I know what it’s like to point a finger at a difference. I know what it’s like on a personal level. Years ago, a gay man couldn’t live normally. Many taboos and barriers have fallen. But right now Not enough, in my eyes, guesses the Aglons coach for the press. I’m waiting – not impatiently – for a player to announce his homosexuality in a locker room. I’d encourage this player, too. Because he will be released. I firmly believe that this will not be a problem for his allies.”

He appears in a clip from LFP

Gaultier appears in a clip produced specifically for the occasion by the LFP, in which we see a player who must overcome certain obstacles to be successful in declaring his homosexuality. On a fantasy football field, he is supported by Yannick Cahuzac, Paul Bernardoni and Adil Rami. He is also encouraged by Olivier Rouyer, the first player from France who came out at the end of his career and, therefore, Gaultier in the role of coach.

A document has also been provided for Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 clubs to display in the locker room, along with some important messages. “Because the rainbow flag is a symbol of diversity”, “Since homophobia is not an opinion but a crime”, “Since gay or straight, we all wear the same shirt.”

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