National: patient rebuilding of FC Annecy, officially promoted to the league

The winner of the sedan this Friday (2-0) on the last day of the Nationals, Annecy returns to Ligue 2 after 29 years of his last appearance. Here’s a look at the patient reconstruction of the club crowned by this fifth ascent over the past nine years.

On this evening of August 2016, the 30th to be exact, on the terrace of a famous restaurant in the area, with a breathtaking view of the lake, guests’ stomachs are filled with dishes prepared not only by Chef Yoan Conte. The reason why “Power Point”, full of ambitions and sharing their common passions, is presented (primarily) as an aperitif to an audience of business leaders. Because that evening, the club’s management team, around Stéphane Loisson, the president of the association, Sebastian Faraglia, the future owner of FC Annecy’s SAS, and their sporting director, Jean-Philippe Nellette, displayed their ambitions.

Or rather “redisplay” them. Since 2010, some of the football enthusiasts (and/or indifferent) among the lakes and mountains of Savoie have been attempting to bring together living, human and economic forces, reluctant, to fuel their enthusiasm and their checkbooks. It must be said that the last football adventure in Annecy ended in liquidation. However, these “pioneers” believe in this so strongly that they have written off the project as “CAP 2015”, with the aim of being in a national championship by this time. They start from the far end, the “Face” as it is called, the Auvergne Rhone Alpes in the final divisions of the league.

In the Shadow of Evian Theon Gaillard

They needed persuasion at the time because the “fashion” for football fans in the two Savoys took the form of jerseys in the colors of a famous mineral drink (Evian), ie pink: Evian Thnen Gaillard, faster from the national Ligue 2 (2010). ), then monopolizing all the attention, political (Frank Ribaud, boss) from Ligue 2 to Ligue 1 (2011) by recruiting older Grognards from Ligue 1 (Cédric Barbosa, Olivier Sorlin or Claudio Kacapa, former captain of L’OL) took. Danone is a captain of industry heard in Haute-Savoie), economic and general public.

Everyone wants to follow in the footsteps of this “OFNI”, (Unknown Football Object), born 85 kilometers away, from the will and address book of its reference shareholder Danone, between the various entities around Gaylard and Thonon, a scene with neighboring Switzerland. This club beats the heart of the region, culminating in a Coupe de France final in 2013 and “comfortable” postures during their first three years in Ligue 1, that a “clan” club, Dupraz (who, father and founder, Pascal, son, sports director and coach and Julian, grandson and communications director). In “STF” mode, without a fixed stadium, ETG flashes and resides in Annecy for its official meetings.

inverted pyramid

Very quickly, OFNI burns its wings and turns into a comet: overtaken by shareholder feuds, the club is slowly dying and falling just as it is rising. The tide had already turned a bit in May 2015: when the ETG fell from the first floor, Crane climbed onto the FCA National 3, at an undisclosed site in the suburb of Annecy in Gavrier. The dynamics were decidedly reversed, twelve months later: ETG stumbles again on the floor below when Annecy takes the elevator once more. In two seasons, from five divisions, the difference is reduced to two …

Everything will intensify between spring and autumn 2016: ETG drops Lie 2 in May with almost no meaningful future. The entity will be wiped from the game’s map in July, then from the economic map in December to all employees scattered like puzzles over a few weeks.

And when in this month of August 2016, Aim Jacquet takes the role of the presentation’s chief guest, it is not for the master-class on his career, retiring a few meters away. The first French coach, the world champion, comes to testify to his attachment to the slow rebuilding that he follows closely: in the four years that time, FCA went from Regional 2 to National 2, that is, three in four seasons. Climb.

Stéphane Loisson, Sébastien Faraglia and Jean-Philippe Nellette demonstrated the second stage of the rocket that evening: the “Twenties”, with National as their objective for Horizon 2020. Symbolizing a form of “transfer” of power between the ETG and the FCA, Olivier Sorlin, former captain of the avian signals … in Annecy. And one of the former ETG’s main financial partners, the Bontz Company, is changing the recipient of its sponsorship check: it now writes FC Annecy. The circle is complete: ETG is dead, long live! As we get closer to Switzerland, the latter is timely: at the start of the “Twenties”, after four seasons on the National 2 podium, for the haute-savoir club National… takes a lift in 2020!

Difficult return to the top level

The first season of French Third Division turns into disaster, with a final place in the middle of winter and an elimination humiliation against (smaller) neighbor Rumily, who steals the show with his epic coup de France (after elimination in half). against) Monaco). A major internal change of coach would save relegation in the spring of 2021. Then, in the off-season, in addition to the club’s structure at SAS, a pioneer, Stéphane Loisson, with the role of team manager dedicated to Laurent. Adi Guyot, accustomed to this division, took control of the team and at the cost of an express finish between mid-March and mid-April (22 points out of 24 were taken), FCA took the places giving Ligue 2 direct access. took. , It has been this Friday, with this 5th ascent in the past 9 years, following his last appearance at this level in French football (1993).

If the hardest part begins, as football in Haute-Savoie has each time ended in the “liquidation” box (Thonnon in 1987, Annecy in 1993 and ETG in 2016) in the bar of the commercial court, the leaders enjoy their successful evening. want to take In front of 13,500 spectators at the Parc des Sports on Friday, May 13, 2022. They have almost dusted the house record (14,584 spectators), which is held since March 30, 1993, for the 16th final in the Coupe de France against David Ginola’s PSG. 1993, his last year in Ligue 2.

As for the rest, Stéphane, Sebastian and Jean-Philippe, for the time being, the “powerpoint-presentation-partner” evening on the terrace of their favorite table has not entered their agenda in the short term. Especially since it may be necessary to invite more people. But this spring will be no less delicious. and historical.

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