Nantes: Wants Comboure "continue the adventure"

Antoine Comboure, winner of the Coupe de France with Nantes, wants to stay with the club, as he admitted in an interview with Prime Video.

Antoine Comboure loves Nantes. The winner of the Coupe de France against Nice on 7 May, the former PSG coach does not hide his desire to continue with the Canarys. “I haven’t decided, but whatever I say, I have a contract, recalled the technician. I am a coach and a very happy person. I have to meet the president first.” [Waldemar Kita] To discuss. I’m very good at Nantes and above all I want to continue the adventure”, explained Kanak in an interview with Prime Video.

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After a successful season, Nantes supporters expect Antoine Comboure to remain on the bench next year. But he doesn’t want to get wet. “The fans who fear that I will leave today will be the ones who, next year, if I stay here, will ask me to leave if the club has a bad result. That’s why I take a lot of steps back.”

After the victory in the Coupe de France, the FCN coach was very clear about his future. “PSG winning with points. But with Nantes it’s beyond that, it’s something else, it’s a way of saying thank you to this club. For giving this city a trophy, I couldn’t be more proud. Debt Paid We Paid Debt Of all the people in the Pacific who passed through Nantes: Carambeu, Wahirua… My younger brother will be able to say that we have paid off our debt and now we do not want to owe FC Nantes anything. Now Nothing can be asked of us, it’s over.”

At RMC, its president Waldemar Kita recalled that they had “one year of contract left” and that “the championship is not over”.

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