Montpellier: Michel Mezzi opens memory box for title’s 10th anniversary


Event on Mawson Lawn this Saturday with the 18 2012 champions in front of MHSC-PSG. On this occasion, Michel Mezzi, an adviser to the then President Louis Nicolin and a figure in Montpellier football, is remembered.


On 20 May 2012, Montpellier became the champions of France in a 2–1 victory at Auxerre. After ten years, the club is preparing to celebrate this event. Eighteen players will be present at La Mosne on Saturday evening for the last match of the season at home against Paris Saint-Germain. Olivier Giroud, Younes Belhanda and Benjamin Stamboli will not be there, as they are still engaged in their respective championships. But to highlight ten key moments of this memorable season, Michelle Mezzi opened the memory box for The Indian Paper.

The day he told himself that Montpellier would become champion
“When we competed with PSG in Paris (2-2 on February 19, 2012 during the 24th day). I was looking forward to this match, because it was a turning point and we had a better conversation than we thought. Match on that, we were better than PSG. I said to myself, why don’t you keep Dreze high at PSG. Chances are there but I wasn’t planning on Comet either. (laughs). Ours against our opponent It was a good match so it opened up positive horizons”.


When Louis Nicolin dyed his hair (May 12)
“For him, it was the biggest anointing. I think it rewards the whole Nicolin family and especially him. Because from a youth club, he won everything: Ligue 2 champion, Coupe de France and Ligue 1 champion . Some never get there. For the cup, it didn’t surprise me because I knew about it”.

René Girard and Louis Nicolin
René Girard and Louis Nicolin © –

The last match of the season is interrupted at Auxerre as Auxerrois are angry with supporters for moving to Ligue 2 due to throwing projectiles.
“Louis Nicolin surprised me that day. The match is over. After 25 minutes, I tell myself that if it goes on for 45 minutes, we’ve won the match. I walk off the stands, I referee And I tell her in 20 minutes, we’re packing. And there, Lulu says to me: “Michelle, what are you doing?” Nothing, I ask for a point to settle And there he replies: “Oh no, we are champions when we play. I don’t accept to be a champion like that!” And there, I told myself he was strong. It was an extraordinary moment to see someone who does what the sport says.

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When Giroud doesn’t want to take a penalty against Evian (2-2 in 35th) Day: Montpellier receives a penalty in stoppage time, Belhanda is sent out and Giroud passes a penalty to Camara who will miss it)
“It was the opposite of what could have happened. The group came out of this incident again. This team was more than helpful because the text was interpreted politely, kindly but seriously. I had no fear after this match.” Because I saw that it was settled. In two-three movements, the matter got closed positively. We were even more united regarding this story.”

When René Girard wishes his players a bad holiday after a loss at Evian, which deprived MHSC of the title of autumn champion (4-2 defeat during the 19th on 21 December) time of day).
“He did well. It made me laugh. “A bad Christmas.” But hey, we just had four anyway. It’s part of our season like during breaks when some players wanted to compensate for going to CAN. We worked with youngsters who had a blast. We won 11 games 1-0. These are strong signs. On the field, there was always accountability, quality and a little bit of success at the club with players trained like Montpellier every time. It’s been the season. It belonged to the club”.

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When La Mosson (Paris in 8th place) won 3-0 day, 24 September)
“It was one of the first tests and we take three. And Nikolin says to me: ‘I told you.’ Paris wins.”

When Aït-Fana scores in 93rd Against Lille in the 37th time of day
“The Lille match is the summary of our season. We’re going to take a goal, we block and we score and we take two points that rock us. The players were looking for it. It’s an extraordinary moment, A great moment given the way the match unfolded. When you win like that in extra time, it means a lot of things. The wind is on your back (laughs). And it’s a great one for Nicolin and the LouLu family. Amazing reward. Above all, it’s a family. When I walk around the training center, I see Utaka, Camara, Pitau, Jourdaren, Bedimo and people who are in the recruiting room. People for the club themselves There’s also Carotti, Rouvier, Dele. There’s an extraordinary spirit here. It’s a family success.”


When Laurent the Pioneer Works Miracle at Lily (Second) day, 1-0 win)
“I tell myself the good god has fallen on us (laughs). The experience of helping, because I’m a privileged person in life, I’ve been into football since I was 17. I tell myself that Things don’t happen by chance. Everything was done to make it happen, he did a good job but he had to go through the cave anyway (laughs)”

When You Lift the Trophy on Comedy (May 21, 2012)
“It’s an extraordinary memory with this crowd. It’s unforgettable. It means they did it because I put the players ahead. Everyone benefited from it. The players in the second division revealed themselves, the young people exploded.” did. we made them but they make us champions is”.



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