Mercato: Rafael Leo Panic in Europe, Italian press quotes PSG but…


The future of Rafael Leo should animate the summer transfer window. The Italian press talks of a value of up to €100 million and cites PSG as among the clubs interested. But Paris is still blocked by the resolution of the Kylian Mbappé file.


The future of Rafael Leo excites the Italian press. this thursday, Gazzetta dello Sport It is learned that the price of a possible transfer of the AC Milan striker could climb up to €100 million. Also according to the sports daily, PSG and Manchester United will be in the running like Newcastle.

In Paris, everything is blocked

The newspaper also mentioned an offer of 70 million euros from Paris. A rumor pertains to Sadio Mane, of whom Bild said on Wednesday that he could be attracted by PSG, or even Benfica striker Darwin Nunez, in the event of his desire to leave Liverpool., Except that from the Paris side, in any case everything is blocked by the file Kylian Mbappé, who has not yet announced his decision and must do so before the end of May and the next Blues gathering.



their ratings are skyrocketing

Gazzetta dello Sport August 2019 saw the growth of Rafael Leo’s value since he was transferred from Lille to Milan for 30 million euros. After a few months its price declined, then gradually increased to 30 million by May 2021. Everything has changed this season. The Portuguese coast has skyrocketed to climb to 100 million euros a year. The striker has become one of the key players in the team, as well as Milan’s top scorer in Serie A with 11 goals.

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The Portuguese still have one day of the championship to play, before even thinking of departure. AC Milan will play a deciding match against Sassuolo (11th) in the title race on Sunday. Rafael Leo’s teammate is two points ahead of Inter who host Sampdoria (15th). In the case of the Scudetto, the value of Rafael Leo could therefore increase further.


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