Mercato: PSG finally made a choice between Donnarumma and Navas for next season

While the competition between Keylor Navas and Gianluigi Donnarumma has put the Paris season on hold, PSG intends to resolve their workforce this summer and expect splits from Keylor Navas, Sergio Rico, Marcin Bulca and Alfonso Ariola. does. The young Italian goalkeeper would then be the only number one.

PSG will start a major clean-up in the goalkeeper position this summer. RMC has been able to confirm information revealed by Sport l’Equipe, according to which the Capital club hopes to part ways with Keylor Navas, Sergio Rico, Marcin Bulka and Alfonso Ariola during the next transfer window. In other words: Paris wants Gianluigi Donnarumma to be his real No.

There is good news for the young Italian goalkeeper, who recently expressed his discomfort with the situation. “I think it will definitely not happen, because I think the club will make the choice. I have a very good relationship with Keller, we are two good people, we understand the situation, but it has been tough, and Even for him,” the 2021 European champion explained in an interview with AFP.

Navas was invited to visit

On the departure side, Keylor Navas will be invited to leave in the event of an offer, just like Sergio Rico, Marcin Bulka and Alfonso Arola, under contract until 2023. If the Costa Rican international (about 10 million euros) doesn’t seem to have a price break, his salary, estimated at one million euros per month, could change the minds of potential suitors. The problem will be similar for Sergio Rico, who is currently on loan at Mallorca, who is expected to return to Paris this summer.

On the other hand, the departures of Marcin Bulka and Alphonse Arriola should not be difficult to manage. Lend to Nice and West Ham respectively, the two porters could see their buyout option exercised by their club and would therefore officially leave PSG during the summer transfer window.

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