Manchester City: "i destroyed them"Guardiola did vra and Berbatov. gave a befitting reply to

His management and Manchester City players’ lack of personality was criticized by Patrice Evra, with Pep Guardiola again paying former United players, as well as Dimitar Berbatov and Clarence Seedorf.

Pep gives Guardiola a layer. The Spanish coach paid the former United player again in a press conference this Friday, after Patrice Aura criticized his management and Manchester City players’ lack of personality. He also took the opportunity to tackle former Bulgarian international Dimitar Berbatov and ex-Dutch attacking midfielder Clarence Seedorf, who reprimanded him similarly to the French.

“It’s the same character and personality that we lost in Madrid in the last two or three minutes. There were former players like Berbatov, Clarence Seedorf and Patrice Evra and people like that, and I played against them. I didn’t see that at United When I destroyed them in the Champions League final against, we destroyed them (With Barca, 2009 and 2011, Editor’s Note)”, said Guardiola two days before the trip to West Ham (3pm on The Indian Paper 1).

The title for the city is drawing closer

The former Barca coach then praised his team’s ability to react after elimination in the Champions League. City are now leaders of the Premier League, three points ahead of Liverpool with two games to go. “In the last four matches (Exactly five, editor’s note), we score 22 goals, and we have an incredible personality.” Easy winners of Newcastle (5-0) and Wolverhampton (5-1), Manchester City were crowned this weekend on the occasion of the 37th day Will not go, as Liverpool play the cup final against Chelsea on Saturday (5:45 pm).

If the Nationals win against West Ham on Sunday, the Reds will be under pressure traveling to Southampton on Tuesday. Any result other than success would see Pep Guardiola and his men crowned for the eighth time in their history.

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