Johann Mollo defrauded of over 10 million euros by his former agents

Former Saint-tienne and Monaco striker Johann Mollo admitted in an interview that he was defrauded “from 10 to 15 million euros” by his former agents.

John Mollo delivers a touching message. in an interview with Square MediaThe former St-Etienne, Monaco or Zenit Saint-Petersburg striker says he is “ruined” and “ripped”. He revealed that he was “betrayed between 10 and 15 million euros” by his former agents.

“It is a manipulation and an organized gang that I have been a victim of my entire career as I have worked with them throughout my career. The football world is a fierce environment, where only the strongest are there but I have paid the price of fame Because I was surrounded by quite toxic people. It turned out that I was molested for 10 years of my life and in 11th or 12th I came to know the truth,” he explained.

500,000 euros stolen in one day

Former Nancy Player gives a chilling account of the actions of her former agents. “Early in my career, I went to an official building to introduce myself with life insurance. He explained to me that all the money I would earn would go into this life insurance and it would bear fruit for my career later. At 8-9 years old, I couldn’t even touch that money. Every December 31st, I received receipts for what I won, they were fake. Turns out the man was meeting with agents. It’s like I was in the middle of a table with 17 people and really I was sheep to blood. Credits were taken out in my name by my agents. They had access codes to my accounts, checkbooks.”

The amount stolen increases to 500,000 euros per day. Despite this, Johann Molo assures that the criminals took his life in addition to their commission. Today his condition is critical. “I’ve been banned from banking, stuck in the Banque de France and sued with all the banks because I’ve been owed money from everywhere,” he admitted, explaining that one person The facts were accepted.

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