Good: "we must return to peace"Gaultier’s response to the press release on Emiliano Sala

Especially as waited at a press conference in Nice this Friday over questions about his future and the mocking lyrics of his supporters over the death of Emiliano Sala, Christophe Galtier tried to calm things down on the eve of Lille’s reception .

At the start of Nice-Sante (4-2) on Wednesday, two days after the shameful lyrics of Nice supporters surrounding the death of Emiliano Sala, Christophe Gaultier did not want to be knocked out. Inspired by the extremists of Populaire Sood, who had little taste for his aggressive outings after the match, the Aglons coach did not proceed.

“I spoke with my heart and my sensitivity after the match. (…) The press release they issued is worth it. It has a right to exist, he candidly explained to the press on Friday. Hosting the LOSC The day before (9 pm, Day 1 of the 37th of the league). Everyone has their own way of analyzing. If I fear a reaction tomorrow? I hope the whole stadium and supporters can encourage that team Which has been fighting for the European markets for 10 months.”

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“This is clearly linked to the disappointment of our finals”

While the League’s Disciplinary Committee (LFP) will investigate the matter, in the event of a recurrence following the incidents during the Nice-OM in August and the effect of a point in the short suspension, this fact could cost the Riviera club costly. While he waits to find out if his club will be approved, Gaultier assures that he and Jim have a “duty to win the match” in the meantime.

“This is clearly linked to the disappointment of our final (of the Coupe de France, lost to Nantes last Saturday, editor’s note). There is a lot happening in all the stands right now, in France, in Europe, in the world. I don’t know what the committee will decide. But we have to get back to calm and competition.”

Gaultier in favor of Estrosi’s proposals

Nice Mayor Christian Estrosi proposed on Thursday that Emiliano Sala’s portrait be displayed on Allianz Rivera’s screen during the season’s last home game. The chosen one also wants applause. Proposals that are in favor of the coach. “It’s a great idea,” Gaultier said.

In the 9th minute of the match against Saint-tienne (corresponding to the player’s old number), a song mocking the death of Emiliano Sala and sung by several members of the Tribune of the Extremists of the popular South caused genuine outcry. Gaultier made a ruckus against his supporters. “They say that the stands are a reflection of our society, and if it is our society, believe that we are bad. What I heard is unacceptable. It is real”, he had collapsed in a cold rage.

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