Bordeaux: Girondins Partners criticizes Gerard Lopez’s management

As reported by L’Equipe, several Girondins de Bordeaux partners have sent a letter to club owner Gérard López to indicate their responsibility for this disaster season, which should send the club to Ligue 2.

There is no more hope for Bordeaux. Before the final day of Ligue 1, the Girondins are three points behind the current play-off Metz, but above all a practically unattainable goal difference (12 goals), condemning the club to a practically certain way to Ligue 2. Is.

Controlled by Lorient this Saturday (0-0), Bordeaux failed to reverse the trend. As reported by L’Equipe, several club partners have sent a letter to President Gerard López expressing their “serious disagreement” with the action taken by the businessman. “We see that, from the day you arrive, you want to take on the role of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Unfortunately, this essential function for the success of a team has been neglected, neglected and ultimately never taken up, at this point. Point a finger at the authors of the letter. We believe that you have participated much in the wreck of this collective of the Girondins. This ship slowly sank under your remaining eyes and under our astonished eyes.”

Former LOSC boss Gerard López bought Bordeaux last July, saving the team from relegation by the DNCG. But the new owner will not be able to prevent a landing in Ligue 2 at a sporting level, even if it is still necessary to wait for approval for the final match against Brest. “Your absence at all levels, on the media scene, in the stands, in the center of Halen, but with players especially in difficult or decisive moments is unforgivable”, accuse the partners again.

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Lopez replies, “Many things that have been told about me are just fiction.”

Gerard Lopez wanted to respond to this message, which calls on the manager to “take on his responsibilities and address this volatile situation by appointing a vice president and a managing director in the coming weeks.” “We must not miss the starting point (when he bought the Girondins) and the fact that without him and whom some criticize today, there would be no other club,” replied Lopez. are imaginary as my participation, even if, by nature, it does not take a profuse form, is still very strong.

The Hispano-Luxembourgish businessman acknowledged everyone alike that Bordeaux now had to adapt its organization “without succumbing to pressure, and without making risky choices to satisfy particular interests”. Gerard Lopez says he is “more determined than ever” in any case, despite the current bad situation. After the draw against Lorient, Gerard López warned that he would speak soon with a desire to “save in the club”. However, he “measures and understands” the discontent of supporters after this tragic season.

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