ASSE-RIMS: "it’s too much of a necklace"Dupraz points out the Greens’ physical and mental limitations

In a press conference during the 37th day of Ligue 1 following their defeat against Reims this Saturday (2-1), Pascal Dupraz highlighted all but the physical limitations of his team. The Saint-Etienne coach was very disappointed.

Before the last day of the Ligue 1 season, Saint-tienne is in a very bad shape. Following their home loss against Reims (2-1) this Saturday, ASSE slipped to 19th place in the standings, synonymous with a possible descent. Pascal Dupraz’s men now have no choice: they must win next week in Nantes.

Inevitably, a press conference resulted in disappointment for Pascal Dupraz, while Metz defeated Angers (1–0) at the same time to regain a play-off spot. “It is the panic at first that prevails because we knew the match was at risk. Because of not scoring points when they were approaching us… we had our intentions and at the end three minutes in, we are behind Score Because defensively, we don’t have the right answers, looking at Pascal Dupraz. Despite everything, the first period was in good shape, we could have taken advantage of it.

After Marshal Munetsi’s opener, Saint-Etienne responded with thanks (12th) to Eliakim Mangla. But Kamori Doumbia offered his team three points at the hour mark. With each defeat, even if it was one too many, Dupraz conceded. But I always have the strength to stick around because there are three points left in the game. We will have to manage to score points already and then we will see what is happening on other grounds, especially on the other…”

“The players didn’t give up but there’s no more gas in the engine”

Confidence no longer seems reasonable, despite everything in Saint-Etienne’s side, who have endured a series of four defeats in a row. Next Saturday at La Beaujoire, the Forez club will find a team that has nothing left to play for, but who doesn’t want to spoil the maintenance race and who will give “no gifts” as Antoine Comboure already said. is indicated.

“There are a lot of players who don’t have the athletic skills to meet the requirements of Ligue 1. When they get mixed up with this psychological discomfort, it stops you. This was already the case in Nice, Dupraz said. Came back in defeat for the last time. Wednesday against the Aegalones (4-2), where their team was overthrown. Trust me, the boys aren’t giving up but there’s no more gasoline in the engine. These players are one of them. There are too many. There’s also cubic capacity and it’s hard to change. It’s normal that I’m down, it’s the emotion that goes through me, it’s also human. I’m not going to give up. It’s up to me to make sure That the players do not give up.”

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