Youth League: Benfica beat Salzburg to win their first title

Benfica won the Youth League on Monday after a perfectly mastered match against RB Salzburg (6-0). Henrique Araujo scored a hat-trick to lead the Lisbon club to their first title in the event.

Unhappy with the Youth League finalists during the 2016–2017 season, Joo Félix asks his younger brother to take revenge on his executioner: Salzburg. This Monday, Hugo Felix and the rest of Benfica’s juniors offered the Benficvist guys their first title in the competition, still against the Austrian team.

Better yet, the young Lisbon shoot offered a real rendition during this continental final against RB Salzburg (6-0). Henrique Araujo, author of a hat-trick including a penalty, was logically named man of the match during this end-to-end final controlled by the Portuguese. After three losing finals (2014, 2017 and 2020), Benfica finally holds the coveted grill.

Neto. first express target for

Qualified after a penalty shootout against Juventus (2-2, 3 from 4 pens) during this Final 4 disputed Nyon, this time against the Austrians the Portuguese could not tremble. Martim Neto gave Benfica the lead during this meeting (1–0, 2), after the fastest goal of only two minutes of play (one minute and 17 seconds) in the Youth League final.

Salzburg were not able to reverse the trend this Monday evening in Switzerland, unlike the quarter-finals they won against PSG (1-3) despite a clear goal from Edouard Michut. Served by the same Neto, Henrique Araujo then scored the break goal and sheltered Benfica just before the end of the first quarter (2–0, 15th) of an hour’s play.

Invincible with a historic hat-trick from Araujo

If the Austrians tried in vain to react after this second Portuguese goal, the Benfica defense stood firm despite four Austrian shots on target. Two new goals from Italian Cher N’dor (3-0, 53rd) on his return from the locker room then Henrique Araujo surely killed all the mystery (4-0, 57th). We focus on passing the small attacker who finished off with a fine rake to the opposing goalkeeper before scoring in the blank.

If Luis Semedo made things worse in the final minutes (5-0, 69th), it was Henrique Araujo who had the last word. The 20-year-old striker scored a hat-trick on penalties (6-0, 89th) after a penalty received by Hugo Felix. As Joao Felix rightly wrote on the social network. His brother had promised to take revenge on him, and he did.

But the name of the great man of that time is Henrique Araujo. The striker, author of the first hat-trick in history in the final of the Youth League, awarded Benfica their first title. Maybe not the last.

“It is very important because Benfica have already played three finals. It was very important for the club to show this strength in Europe and that is what we want to do as often as possible, with UEFA enjoying the hero of the day. The team doing That’s great. We still want the trophies.” Competition warned, Benfica’s youth are hungry and this is not the first title in the Youth League that will satisfy them.

Jean-Guy Lebreton The Indian Paper Journalist

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