Yoga: Four people including a mother arrested after amateur referee’s aggression

Four people, including a mother and her two children, were arrested after an attack on a young amateur referee in the Somme.

The matter came to light last week and the next weekend’s meetings in the department were cancelled. The facts belong to Amiens’ side, during a match at the Marc-Lorcel Stadium on Saturday, April 2. RC Salouël-Saleux (RC2S) received Albert’s USOAAS at the Under-17 (U17) Championship. After the match, Theo, an 18-year-old young referee at the center for the first time, is insulted by the parents on the edge of the lawn.

hearing on June 23

One player yells at the young official, who gives him a red card. It was then that the footballer’s mother lost her nerves and slapped the referee. The player’s brother also intervenes and nods. On the other hand, the expelled player makes a bid by making several strikes. The result, 1 day temporary incapacity for work (ITT) and a significant lesion to the skull. Theo complained.

On Monday, April 11, a total of four people, including the mother and her two children, were arrested. Between the defendants, two minors shall be the subject of a criminal reimbursement remedy. Two other suspects, adults, will be tried for intentional violence before a criminal court on June 23, followed by an ITT of not more than eight days on a person responsible for a public service mission.

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