World Cup 2022: What is the assessment after the meeting between Amnesty and FFF?


After months of negotiations and action, Amnesty International France finally held its meeting with the French Football Federation on Tuesday. Contacted by The Indian Paper, the advocacy officer for the NGO, Lola Shulman, reiterates her desire to see an influential member of the FFF speak on behalf of the body about human rights in Qatar.

“There’s a conversation. Now we have to make it last.” Contacted by The Indian Paper, the advocacy officer at Amnesty France, Lola Schulman, gave a preliminary assessment of the meeting between the NGO and the FFF, an important step in Amnesty’s fight to condemn the conditions of workers at construction sites. Queue.


“The union will see what is possible to encourage respect for human rights during its presence in Qatar. But we also have to expand with the infrastructure that will be used by the Blues,” said Lola Shulman.

Amnesty France reiterates its desire to see an influential member of the FFF speak on behalf of the body on human rights in Qatar. Except that at the moment, there are no plans for a public position. Members of the FFF often take refuge behind the “Working Group on Workers’ Rights in Qatar” set up by UEFA. Except that, in UEFA’s final press release, the FFF does not appear.

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“This meeting is coming too late”

“It was necessary but this meeting comes too late, reports Lola Shulman. Meetings have been held for months within other associations in Europe regarding this topic of human rights in Qatar. I expect a statement from the FFF Which says that the situation in Qatar is still worrying. At present, we have no guarantee, no commitment from the FFF on this announcement.

“Participants included representatives of the member associations of the UEFA Working Group, namely Germany, England, Norway, the Netherlands, Russia, Sweden and Switzerland, members of the UEFA administration – Michel Uva, Emily Shaw, Sarah Holmgren and Laura Piccolo – as well as those of FIFA. As representatives Nodar Akhalkatsi and Andreas Graf from the two Nordic federations, Denmark and Finland, have also joined the UEFA Working Group”, said the body during a visit to Doha in December 2021.


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